Fig. 1: Typical IoT sensor node


Fig. 2:  Typical memory profile of sensor node

WP2 of PRIME does focus on a study to define the most suitable memory organization for typical IoT applications for small to medium sized nodes. Within this WP existing IoT applications, like sensor fusion algorithms and wireless communications software stacks, are benchmarked against different memory organization (i.e. combinations of volatile and non-volatile memories). Different memory organizations are compared in terms of power and area for different IoT applications.


Fig. 3: NV memory used as secondary instruction code memory                           Fig. 4: NV memory used as primary instruction code memory

           (Scenario A)                                                                                                            (scenario B) 


 Fig. 5: NV memory used as secondary instruction memory +                               Fig. 6: NV memory used for as primary memory for instruction and                  NV memory for data memory backup (scenario C)                                                data memory ((scenario D)